10 Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

You have decided to tie the knot in the Mediterranean, although you live somewhere else. Congratulations! Here are 10 planning tips, my best advice for planning a destination wedding.

1. Budget:

It is very important setting a budget, and even more for planning a destination wedding.

2. Wedding Planner:

A wedding planner or coordinator, in my opinion, is fundamentally important if you’re planning a wedding abroad. Especially if it’s a destination you don’t know very well, and if you don’t speak the language.

3. Paperwork:

This is the most complicated part, but with the help of a wedding planner you can get it more easily. If you want to know how you can marry legally in Spain, read this post.

4. Guestlist:

Be aware that a destination wedding might shift your guestlist around in unexpected ways.

5. Get a website:

In this case there are so much information to include that it would have ended up the size of a book. So a website can be very useful even more if you are planning a destination wedding.

6. Chose your vendors carefully:

Select your vendors carefully, and choose the bests ones.

7. Do a Save the Date and a welcome package:

Think of your guests and spoil them. Provide maps, sightseeing tips, water. After long travels, your friends and family will surely appreciate it.

8. Plan in advance:

I’ve said it above, your guests need to arrange travels in advance. Planning in advance makes things so much easier.

9. Don’t over-rate DIY and decor:

You won’t be able to take as many little details to your destination abroad as you might have wished.  But you have a wonderful place, focus on it!

10. Relax:

Lean back and relax. Have faith. Don’t stress about whether your nailpolish will match the tablecloth. You’ve chosen a wonderful location, you’re marrying the guy of your dreams, that’s all that really counts.

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