Dare to have your wedding, a wedding that does not understand about commitments or what people say. Totally yours, your style. In the beach, with sand in your foot, with the sun on your skin.


comida ire

Hello, I’m Irene and I’m half of El dia de la novia (The Bride’s Day) . I come from the world of empirical sciences, where planning is absolutely fundamental. After some time working in science, I realized that I did not fill and I dared to leave everything and start from scratch. I had always felt passion for decor and the world of fashion. This fact and that I had organized many events at the family level and friends, made me choose the world of wedding organization. I risked change, I was brave and I gave up everything.

I have graduated with two important business in the wedding area, that is called “Weddings of Cuento”, and “My wedding planner accademy”.

I am methodical, organized and very empathetic, and it is what makes the difference. In these years I have realized that the fundamental thing when hiring a person to accompany you in so many months of preparation is to feel feeling with her/him, so everything is easy. Influence the style, influences the price … but if you do not connect… bad affair. And that’s why I want to talk to you a little bit about me.

My other half, Jhonathan, is a wonderful mate of life and work, I am really fortunate. I love animals, specifically dogs. We have one, Cody, it’s the dog love of my life. CUTE, believe me :-). Every day in this work is a new adventure, discover places, discover wonderful people. And one of my greatest talents is to find everything. If it exists, I will find it for you!

Hi, it’s my turn. I am Jhonathan, how about? I am the other half of  El dia de la novia (The Bride’s Day). In spite of the name of our company, my mission is to provide the boyfriends with the tranquility of a masculine presence, because he also matters 😉 This is one of the distinguishing points of our company.

I am an engineer in telecommunications and a graduate in tourism. Also sign language interpreter, I like many things, and I did not want to stop learning them.

Uneasy mind, I like languages ​​and challenges of any kind. I like transparent and sincere people, and the comedy club too, hahaha. Dancing is one of my passions, so I met the love of my life (lol). My other passion is animals, like Irene, and our little “lemon dog” as I call it.

In this profession of wedding planner, I am the most planner and least designer. I am super resolutive, very calm and I feel like to fish in the water in this job, (Irene says that there is no problem that I resist!) Because I have experience in events and hostelry, I have worked as a team leader  in hotels of prestige. My spatial ability (which one of the two had to have), makes us able to make some great tetris in the car when we are loaded up!


  • WE GUIDE YOU AND GIVE YOU SOME ADVISE,  BECAUSE WE HAVE EXPERIENCE. Surely you have not married before, it’s the first time. You have no experience. You do not know how, what, or when. And as in everything that is done for the first time, there is a high probability of being mistaken, by the inexperience. We know about wedding providers in Malaga and where to find what you need. We know how to negotiate with them in order to get the best conditions.
    Also we are located  in Malaga, and you are far away. The distance is a big problem and you need to trust in a wedding planner from Malaga to organise everything  here.
  • WE SPEAK ENGLISH AND WE CAN STAY IN CONTACT WITH YOU ALWAYS. We frequently use skype to meet with couple who do not live in Malaga. It is a useful system for both, and we can meet with you as many times as we need! Also we organize Spanish-English weddings and all the guests have enjoyed thanks to the presence of interpreters.
  • WE WILL LOOK FOR ALL THE COMPLEMENTARY SERVICES: Accommodation, transport, restaurants, activities… for you and your guests.

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