This service is tranquility.

Your wedding is only one day, and also it will pass very fast. Do you want to spend almost all day stressed and worried about if everything is going ok? From our experience we advise you to enjoy all that day. Enjoy your husband, enjoy your family and your friends. Any unprovided that arise (it is sure) will be solved by our equip, without you noticing.

What is this service about?

We need to know everything about your wedding. What suppliers you have already hired and under what conditions. We will contact with these suppliers for a meeting in order to get everything being perfectly coordinated this day. With all the information they give us, we will do a timing (when each supplier intervenes and for how long) that everyone will know.

We will make sure that everything has the expected duration, to supervise the suppliers, to intervene between the guests and those suppliers, to solve unforeseen events, and to make the whole event happen harmoniously in time.

No one will have to miss part of your wedding because they are in charge of supervising anything. Everyone will enjoy that day, which only happens once!


What does the coordination service include?

  •     Meeting with the bride and groom to find out which providers are involved.

  • Contact the suppliers to inform them of our presence and to know the time of arrival and duration of the service.

  • Creation of the timeline (what happens in each moment) of the day of the wedding.

  • 1 staff person for every 50 guests.

  • We will be from 2 hours before the ceremony until half an hour after the wedding


What does the coordination service NOT include??

  • Does not include assembly / dismantling of decoration, that is another different service.


  • Does not include searching for missing suppliers.


  • Does not include space decoration


  • Does not include travel outside Malaga


  • It is not included the formalization of legal procedures of marriage, but everything but we can talk about it 😉