What is this service about?

This service is synonymous with maximum tranquility during the whole process.

 This is a service tailored to each couple. It consists of capturing what you want and making you have your dream wedding in this beautiful city, Malaga. The distance from your place of residence to Malaga is an inconvenience in the organization of a wedding, and you must choose someone who knows the wedding sector in Malaga to facilitate the process. One of the most important things is to choose someone with whom you feel feeling.

The most important day of your life deserves a professional organization, people who advise you and also intermediate with the suppliers so you have quality and professionalism in everything you choose. We know this sector and we will save you many hours of searching, in addition to recommending people that we trust, because we know firsthand that they are responsible and professional.

Meetings by skype, communication via email, and telephone to be aware of everything and you can decide absolutely everything. You will save yourself upset, time and stress. The decisions are always yours, but guided and advised at all times by professionals.


What it includes:


  • Within this service are included the search for suppliers (from photography to children’s animation if you wish, any supplier you wish to intervene), decoration (put your stamp and personality to the whole wedding, decide the theme and design) and coordination, (presence on the wedding day so you don’t have to be on top of anything or anyone).


  • Unlimited meetings with you, for what you need, advice and any other matter.


  • We will make the budget together to keep accounts clear and get the right numbers.


  • We select the suppliers according to your tastes and budget.


  • It includes the technical visits that are necessary for the good development of our work.

What it does NOT include:


  • Materials for the decoration service are not included.


  • Our service doesn’t include the services or products of other companies, that is, we are organizers and decorators, but we are not florists or catering… These suppliers have their own prices for their service or product. You will choose among the options we present, the most appropriate.


  • If the wedding is outside Malaga and province, the technical visits, or traveling will be priced separately.







This pack is for you if:


  • You think organizing a wedding at a distance is very complicated and you need professionals.
  • You do not have the time and you do not want to risk it going wrong.
  • You have seen the “above us” and we love you !. By this we mean that you feel a feeling, you feel identified in some way with us. We have to know each other, obviously that’s the first thing, and then you must be convinced that you trust us 😉