They are Juan and Manu. Juan is doctor and Manu is biologist and they have been together for 7 years. Contrary to what many people may think, they are gay and stable couple. They love each other deeply and express it openly. Hopefully these images will serve many other couples to take the step, and to show their love.

It seems that we are all very liberal, and that gay couples are fully integrated and accepted. It is not entirely true. Apparently they are, but still have some prejudice with a doctor or a scientific researcher being gay. We want to break a spear in favor of all those who still suffer, who still hide and who do not dare their love to the repercussion that may have. They are people and like that you have to value them. There’s no more.

In this wedding there is a clear theme: travel. You can see winks of it, from complements to decoration of the spaces. A caravan that is table of sweets (candy bar) and photocall! . Also bikes with lots of personality, and a spectacular natural environment. A couple with character and personality can not miss some accessories that enhance that personality, that define them, to complete that studied look. It is the case of these guys, who complemented their image on that special day with handmade bows and straps.

Foto: Sweet Love

Video: Essential Films

Muah: Sharai Montes

Trajes: M&W Fuengirola

Complementos: Vaya tela creaciones

Flores y prendidos: El jardín de Chloé y Flowering Alhaurín

Bicis: Malaga Custom Bikes

Caravana/photocall: Sweet Caravan

Finca El rancho Inglés