Who said that two people of the same sex could not be a couple like any other? Who said it could not be stable? Who said it’s weird, it’s a disease …? And a thousand other taboos or prejudices. We are in favor of love, in any of its shapes and colors. And this is LOVE. They were really beautiful, this no mean that the rest of our girlfriends did not, but it was their dreamed wedding and they had an illusion and a glitter in the look …

Dressed boho style, with that casual air but with so much personality .We prepare a casual picnic, and also a candy bar with circus style. An outdoor ceremony with a dreamlike view. Here is a summary of the best images.

They are our “girls”, Cristi and Sofia.


Vestidos y complementos: La bici rosa

Mesa dulce: Maytcakes

Alquiler material eventos: Vacare

Decoración globos: Celebramos?

Foto: Sweet Love

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