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11 tips for ´What NOT to Do the Week Before “I Do”´

What NOT to Do the Week Before "I Do" Today we will talk about tips for what not to do the week before your wedding . There are eleven tips to avoid mistakes in your big day. Sometimes we do not think about what we decide to do about beauty treatments, or taning or sports....

Have a legal religious wedding in Spain.

Have a legal religious wedding in Spain If you are a religious person and you want to marriage in Spain, you are lucky because in Spain you can have a legal religious weding. You have differents options: CATHOLIC If you or your partner are Catholic, then you can be legally married in a catholic wedding...

Have a legal civil wedding in Spain

Investigating whether or not you can have a legal civil wedding in Spain? In this post  you can find everything you need to know about getting married here in Spain. Are you ready? Some quick facts about organising a legal wedding in Spain; Catholic weddings are the only legally recognised religious wedding ceremonies in Spain....